I’m known both as an escort and as a sex toy reviewer for liking my insertables /real or silicone to be small. Big cocks scare me cause my anatomy generally just finds them painful. Last year I got a reminder that it’s all in who’s wielding the tool.

I got a call from a hotel downtown requesting my presence for an hour long appt. I try not to stereotype but it’s hard when your clients seem to fit into so few categories. Hotel guys are usually either partiers or businessmen. I find the businessmen often reserved and lacking confidence in the bedroom. I don’t know why I even let a picture form in my mind of prospective clients because so rarely am I right about their stats or appearance.

I got a text that he was outside and was surprised to see a cab door opening – 2 points for being willing to shell out the extra dough to come see me. He was tall and…..casual-not business plus very attractive!
Still, I didn’t falter as I see lots of sexy guys of all ages, builds and wallet sizes.
His energy was smooth and mellow and I began my usual chatter as we walked inside. I try to only see one or two clients per day to keep things real and fresh. I don’t wanna become one of those escorts that coos about how huge his 6″ cock is, as they run their fingers thru his hair and grind his leg, 10 seconds after he walks in the door. I must have been working too much, because when I saw the look on his face I realized I had slipped into spiel mode. I was explaining what was on the agenda and he let me know immediately that this was gonna be a different appt.
“Uh huh” his smirk said, “I don’t think we’ll be sticking to any script.”
I laughed nervously, caught being mildly unauthentic in my expectation of events and excused myself for one last freshen up.

When I returned I mumbled something about a massage but he grabbed me and lifted me up and off the ground and on top of him in one quick swoop. He was strong and I felt even tinier than my 110 lbs.
I have a rule that I don’t French kiss because kissing is really intimate for me; almost more so than fucking. Kisses need to be perfect or I find them disgusting so I don’t usually take the risk. Easiest to just put it on my restrictions list. I almost broke my rule right there legs wrapped around his waist, his hands cupping my ass cheeks. Man he had nice eyes. I had to do something to regain control.
Masturbating might not seem like the best choice for empowerment over a physical situation- in fact you lose control when you cum no? But I do it for a living, not only as an escort but as a sex toy reviewer and may be one of an elite category of women that master a vibrator more than once everyday. This was my territory. Not for long.

I sat back, knowing that I get dominant when an orgasm is pending, demanding that I be touched or assisted this way or that and they better do it right or face my wrath! If I was a man I would never get away with how much of a bitch I become if they can’t take direction. I think I even had one boyfriend break up with me because of it.
I use a wand, a very powerful electric vibrator that can damage delicate pussy tissue if it isn’t wielded carefully, so I don’t let my clients attempt my clit. I have them use a finger or small toy in my pussy instead as I master my favourite tiny body part. The combination of the two usually takes about 5-10 minutes for my first orgasm. After that I can cum up to 10 times more, in intervals of every minute or so.
As soon as I focused on vibing my clit, my Italian god set to work opening me up. I was vaguely aware that this seemed to be his goal by his technique, but I was fixated on my button. He kept working his fingers in slow circles around my opening, applying slight pressure as he ever so gradually moved deeper inside. It was maddening, but my clit has way more power over my orgasms then my cootch, so I was totally fixated on what I was doing and barely protested when he pulled out his monstrous cock and began what I thought was going to become a “Come on baby, just the tip?” moment, until I felt it against my labia.
At this point I silently wished I wasn’t so tight but his thick 9 inches was way beyond what I was used to.
I luv my wand and I won’t give it up for anyone, regardless of what I get paid. It’s funny, actually, to watch guy after guy competing for space with the Couture Inspire! I’ve bumped glasses, wiped snot and bashed teeth with the powerful vibrations- and many egos to go with. This wasn’t going to be one of those situations though. I grabbed a condom, protesting all the while that I could never take all of him inside me and did my best to secure it over his monstrous cock.
He gently pushed me back into the pillows and gestured towards my wand – “Work your magic!” he said.
I didn’t need to be told twice. As soon as I started working up to my first orgasm again he rolled the tip in- it actually slid in easily! He leaned back on his knees and the only part of him touching me was the head of his cock now buried in my pussy, I couldn’t believe it – I came in minutes and was so overwhelmed I fell limp and let him scoop me up and drop me on top of his waiting cock.
I thought since he had given me an experience I didn’t think possible, I owed it to him to let him take control. If I had had the energy I would have laughed at how the tables had turned – this guy had completely seduced me and had total control of the situation. We fucked for awhile, me mostly marveling that I wasn’t in excruciating pain, until he decided that I needed to cum again.
I took up the same position as before, except he was deeper inside me this time- my G-spot fully engorged and throbbing against his monster cock. Still he was able to give my wand enough room to master my clit and together they brought me to 2 more orgasms- this time dual G-spot and clitoral. He then nudged me onto all fours and brought himself to climax from behind. I fell to the bed completely satiated and still unable to speak as he quickly dressed and disappeared out the door to his waiting cab. I vaguely realized that I should be in my usual place, seeing my client to the door with a hug and professional goodbye but all I could do was smile. The money on the dresser winked at me – it seemed quite ironic that I was on the receiving end both fiscally and sexually.

A month or so later I met my boyfriend of the last 5 months who happens to be built quite similarity. If it wasn’t for this tall dark handsome hugely endowed stranger I might never have been willing to tackle my now favourite 9×6″ or the amazing lover/boyfriend/partner/coworker/friend attached to it.

A pleasant tall dark and handsome Italian surprise

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